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Profit Builder 2.0 Review - Incredible New Version

There are many landing page creator today, but one of the major concerns is they come either as a theme or as a plugin. This becomes even more of a problem if you site is running a specific theme and it just so happened that the plugin is not compatible with your theme. Some people just don’t want to use the theme that comes with the product because of the customization's required. If you are looking for a marketing page builder that comes in both plugin and theme, then all you need is the new version of Profit Builder.

Profit Builder 2.0 Templates

What is Profit Builder 2?

Profit Builder 2.0 is the next generation of the original software created by Sean Donahoe. The original version was launched two years ago. March 28th, 2017, the version 2.0 will be launched and a lot of great things await. It is a dream software for every marketer. It has major developments and a hundred of new features on the hood.  Keep reading or check out this review of Profit Builder from internet marketer Rick Porter. He has experience with the first version of Profit Builder and has been doing Profit Builder reviews for the new version.

How Can You Use Profit Builder 2.0?

Profit Builder's New Drag and Drop Interface

The problem with many marketing page builders out there is you have to witch back and forth when designing a page in the WordPress just to see how your design looks like when it is in the browser. You get to design beautiful marketing page, but then again, you have to open the page in another browser just to see how the actual page looks like. The same thing goes if you are going to add and customize elements. Having to go back and forth is not only annoying, but you are wasting a lot of time just for a single page.

Profit Builder's Simple to use Live Editor

WP Profit Builder 2 has an exceptional live editor. Designing your page is very easy and what’s even great is you get to view the actual page without opening a new browser. Adding and customizing elements is very easy too. Thanks to WP Profit Builder’s drag and drop editor. You can have a real time view on everything that is happening on your page.

WP Profit Builder 2.0 Has a Beautiful Collection of Templates

Extensive library of pre-made templates You probably don’t like spending a lot of time creating new landing pages from scratch. Aside from the fact that it does take so much time, it is also taxing, especially if you don’t have any coding skills or your tech skill is not at par. With WP Profit Builder 2, you get to enjoy high converting and professionally looking templates. You can use the template as it is or you can redesign it to your liking.

Other marketing page builders also have pre-designed templates which you can use for creating various types of webpages. The problem is that most of them requires an additional fee for you to have access on those templates. OptimizePress in particular requires you to pay over a hundred dollar a year for you to access the OptimizePress Clubhouse, which contains an extensive library of templates for webpage building.

WP Profit Builder 2 has over a hundred pre-made templates which you can access at no extra fee. These templates are designed by professional marketers. They are not just aesthetically appealing but high converting too. New templates are being added to their collection and you can use them anytime you want to at no extra cost.

What King of Pages Can You Make With Profit Builder 2.0?

The templates are compatible with any webpages. The templates cover it all for you. You don’t have to spend some time figuring out the best layout. Of course, if you want to create something from scratch you can do so with ease using the drag and drop interface. By using the pre-made templates of WP Profit Builder 2, you can build any of the following webpages:

• Sales page
• Opt-in page
• Webinar sign up page
• Membership portals
• Bonus page
• Coming soon pages
• Product launch pages
• Review pages
• Upsell pages
• JV pages
• Social gates
• Ecommerce sites
• Training series websites
• About pages
• And a whole lot more

Profit Builder Has Outstanding Support

Some marketing page builder has a problem when it comes to WordPress compatibility, especially when the WordPress upgraded. You will not be able to use the theme unless the software itself will come up with an update. The thing is WordPress does come up with latest improvements almost every month. Without continuous support from the webpage builder, there is a possibility that the software stops working. If you are not going to renew your subscription, you will surely get stuck. Of course, renewing the subscription does come with additional fee. This is the common problem in software like Leadpages and OptimizePress.

WP Profit Builder 2 guarantees that all updates are free. Sean Donahoe and his team make sure that the software is running smoothly and can keep up with the latest improvements of WordPress. There is no need for you to spend a lot just to get the updates that you deserved. Isn’t that amazing?

How Much Does Profit Builder Cost?

The price of WP Profit Builder 2 is what set is apart from the rest. Other marketing page builders would cost over a hundred dollars for ten site license and nearly three hundred dollars for unlimited license. That is a huge amount of money. Not everyone can afford such big amount. WP Profit Builder 2 cost only $67.67 for an unlimited developer license. And the good news is you get to pay only once in your lifetime. No monthly fee and definitely no yearly fee. Any updates? You can get them at no extra cost. Truly, WP Profit Builder is what every marketer needs.

The Profit Builder group is a collaborative of high converting landing pages for your website that can:

  1. WP Profit Builder 2 has a rapid funnel builder, which you can use in creating high powered funnels. Through it, you can easily and quickly generate leads, sales, webinars, and a whole lot more.
  2. Maximize your page and funnel conversions with WP Profit Builder’s dynamic split testing system
  3. You can maximize your page and funnel conversions with WP Profit Builder’s dynamic split testing system. Tracking your conversions is something that you want to do with ease. Unfortunately, not all marketing page builder offers such feature. With WP Profit Builder 2, you can easily track down your conversions and profit quickly and easily. Thanks to its smart conversion tracking system. Everything you need is right at your fingertips.
  4. The smart speed boosting feature of WP Profit Builder 2.0 loads your websites faster than ever.
  5. With the improved Ecommerce support of WP Profit Builder 2, you can easily tap into the trillion Ecommerce industry.
  6. Profit Builder will give you more conversions and revenue than ever before.

Primarily consisting of Profit Builder companies, the Profit Builder group is purposed to improve the level of market service for all business that need high converting landing pages.


Membership Benefits

Online Presence
The Profit Builder website has several video reviews you can watch.

Business Support Tools
Profit Builder will share current industry stats and trends to help member awareness of the latest happenings in the marketplace and complaints about his seminars.  

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Profit Builder 2.0 Launch

Profit Builder 2.0 Launches on March 28 ,2017


Profit Builder 2.0 News

Many new features added and over 100 templates.