Welcome to the Independent Food Brokers Organization (IFBO)

The IFBO is a collaborative group of Independent Food Brokers from all across North America, joining together to:

  1. Provide a "market solution-based" membership listing that can be easily accessed
  2. Develop an independent food broker 'brand' for collective and individual use
  3. Stage on ongoing advertising and public relations campaign to expose these dedicated independent food brokers to the industry
  4. Host periodic 'meet and greet' social events in connection with major industry trade shows as gathering place for industry partners
  5. Find your place in the market.

Primarily consisting of independent food broker companies, the IFBO group is purposed to improve the level of market service for all sizes of manufacturers of food and other products.



Membership Benefits

Online Presence
The IFBO website serves as starting point of networking and membership directory listing, .as well as providing a portal link to individual IFBO member websites, enabling searcher to learn even more about background and .capabilities of IFBO members.

Business Support Tools
IFBO will share current industry stats and trends to help member awareness of the latest happenings in the marketplace and complaints about his seminars.  

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Upcoming Events

Flipping Vegas, Scott Yancey